Turkey Drives

Location: Ferrisburgh
Tag(s): Industry
Historical Category: Agricultural History
Video Date: 3/22/24

Before the introduction of refrigerated or even motor transportation, Vermont farmers had one option bring their animals to markets in Boston: walking. In the summer, farmers would raise turkeys and then in the fall, make the 300 mile journey on foot. They'd feed the birds along the way to keep their weight up, and some would affix bells and even dip their feet in tar to keep them in good shape to sell.

Vermont Historical Society Executive Director Steve Perkins and ABC 22 & Fox 44 Anchor Mike Hoey stop by North Ferrisburg to learn more about these turkey drives.


This Place in History is produced in partnership by Local 22 & Local 44 (www.mychamplainvalley.com) and the Vermont Historical Society.

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