Events Calendar

Third Thursday: When the Irish Invaded Canada

The outlandish, untold story of the Irish American revolutionaries who tried to free Ireland by invading Canada

History for Homeschoolers - Cold and Dark: Wintertime in Vermont

It's cold outside! Come inside and participate in traditional indoor activities that took place during the long Vermont winters.

Saturday Museum Program: Children's Vermont History Story Hour

Celebrate the winter season with a reading from a Vermont history children’s story. During the reading, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or coffee and treats.

Third Thursday: Burlington Brewing: A History of Craft Beer in the Queen City

Exploring Burlington’s sudsy history from early newspaper clippings to modern-day tastemakers

History for Homeschoolers - Let It Snow: Winter Fun in Vermont

Learn about the history of skiing, sledding and other favorite outdoor winter activities enjoyed by Vermonters and tourists.

Third Thursday: Vermont's Lucy Terry Prince

Of the millions of women stolen from Africa and sold into slavery in colonial America, only two are remembered as poets. One of these, Lucy Terry Prince, was celebrated by her white and black contemporaries as the “sable mother” of the American Republic. Her poetry challenges us to re-think how we tell the story of American literature and to re-think how we tell the story of Vermont.

History for Homeschoolers - Celebrations: Holidays in Vermont

Examine ways Vermonters have celebrated holidays, like Valentine's Day and other community events, throughout the years.

Third Thursday: The Rev. George S. Brown

The Rev. George S. Brown, Missionary to Africa and First African American Methodist Pastor in Vermont with Pat Thompson

History for Homeschoolers - Sweet Season: Sugaring in Vermont

Learn about maple sugar and syrup production, marketing and related inventions and traditions.

Third Thursday: Women’s Suffrage in Vermont

2020 marks the centennial of the passage of the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution, which extended the right to vote to women. Many of us are familiar with national activists and events, but what did the story look like in Vermont?

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