group of students carrying a Vermont banner at National History Day 2012

The NHD contest is based at the University of Maryland-College Park. Stamp Student Union is the epicenter, with judging at rooms in various buildings around the campus. Some students stay in the dorms, others stay in hotels in College Park, and others stay in Washington, D.C.

Map of University of Maryland-College Park Campus

UMD Parking Map

UMD now has free guest wi-fi available for NHD participants.

Staying in the Dorms

About a third of the group stays on campus, along with the state coordinator. NHD usually uses the dorms near the football stadium (i.e. Denton, LaPlata and Cumberland). ALL of the NHD dorms have air-conditioning now!

The dorms are not fancy - usually rooms with 2 beds, 2 desks and 2 dressers. Your room will have sheets, a blanket, a pillow and a bath towel for each person. The dorms have wi-fi. Sometimes there's a TV in the dorm - and there is usually a lounge on the hall with a refrigerator and a microwave.

Each dorm has an elevator. You will have to swipe your dorm pass to get into the elevator and then again before you push the button for your floor. You will also use this pass to get into the cafeteria and into the front door of the dorm.

You will also get a room key. Do NOT lose your key. If you do, you will be charged $75.

If you are staying in the dorm, you get a parking pass for your car. Make sure you park in the designated spots only. If you don't, you will get an expensive parking ticket.

If you will be checking in to the dorm after registration at Stamp Student Union closes, you will need to go directly to LaPlata Hall to find information about the dorm. The street address for LaPlata is 4121 Farm Drive, College Park, MD 20742.

There is a pool on campus. It's in the "Geary F. Eppley Recreation Center" which is right near some of the dorms. The Outdoor Aquatic Center is open from 11 am to 8 pm every day. There's a charge of $8.00 per day to use the pool and "rent" a towel. So remember to bring your bathing suit!

Staying off Campus

If you are staying in a hotel or other place nearby, you can still come to the ice cream party and other activities in the dorm. Check with Victoria for details.

If you need to park on campus, follow all posted signs and parking regulations. The University of Maryland parking police give out a lot of expensive parking tickets very quickly. Even if there are empty spaces, avoid the staff/faculty parking lots during business hours. (Read the signs to see if the spaces are available on weekends or evenings.) Make sure you buy a parking pass at registration if you need one.

Some hotels in College Park have shuttles that can transport you to and from campus. Just be aware that many NHD participants stay at the nearby hotels, so plan accordingly. And traffic through campus, especially during the morning rush hour, can be quite heavy and slow.

Metro Shuttles

NHD participants can use the NHD Shuttle and the UMD Metro Shuttle to travel between campus and the College Park Metro Station on the Green Line. The NHD Metro shuttle picks up at lot HH, across the street and down the hill a little from the Stamp Student Union.

Construction of the Purple Line may impact travel on and around campus in 2020.

Ordering Boxed Meals for Those Staying in the Dorms

For those with a meal plan who wish to request boxed lunches, they will need to be requested in advance online at www.summerinfo.umd.edu/nhd

You may request a boxed lunch for Monday, Tuesday and/or Wednesday; and a boxed dinner for Wednesday. Requests will be accepted beginning May 26 by the following deadlines:
For meals Sunday (6/14) and Monday (6/15) the deadline is 6pm EST Thursday, June 11
For meals Tuesday (6/16) the deadline is 9:30am EST Monday, June 15
For meals Wednesday (6/18) the deadline is 9:30am EST Tuesday, June 16

Boxed lunches can be picked up at The Diner during breakfast. Boxed dinners for 6/18 can be picked up at The Diner during lunch hours only.

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