Fun at NHD

four students and teacher at Nationals Baseball game during National History Day 2014

NHD is a contest, so the competition is important. But NHD is also a time to meet new people, explore new places, learn new things, and have fun! You should plan to spend some time in Washington, D.C. during NHD.

Check out these websites for some ideas: Smithsonian Museums - including the Zoo, Air & Space, American History, Natural History, American Indian, Portrait Gallery, African American History and Culture, and many more! National Park Service - including the Lincoln Memorial, the National Mall, the Washington Monument, the Vietnam Memorial and much more! The Metro is a great way to get around!

Capitol Hill

We are often able to schedule a meeting with Senator Leahy on Wednesday. We will gather near the Senate Steps, which are on the side of the Capitol Building which faces the Supreme Court (the opposite side of the building from the Mall and museums). Here's a map of the location. Please don't be late! The Capitol grounds are large and it takes a while to get from one side of the building to the other. The photo looks better if the students are in the Vermont NHD t-shirt. If practical, please bring the shirt and wear it for the photo.

We don't go inside the Capitol as a group, but the meeting location is close to the Capitol Visitor Center. Here's a link to more information about booking a tour of the building for your family or group:


If the Washington Nationals are in town during NHD, we usually get group tickets to the Tuesday night game.

This year, the Nationals are playing the San Francisco Giants at 7:05 pm on Tuesday, June 16! Check back for more information about ticket prices and the deadline for reserving a spot with the group. The stadium is easily accessible from the Navy Yard-Ballpark Metro Station (Green Line).

NHD eXplore

National History Day arranges a variety of activities in the D.C. area that you can participate in throughout the week. You can reserve tickets to attractions like the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Museum of African American History and Culture, the Library of Congress and many more.

Registration will open on Wednesday, May 20 at 10:00 am. Many of the activities filled up last year, so be quick if you want to reserve a spot.

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