Volume 82 (2014)

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Vol. 82, No. 1    |    Winter/Spring 2014

Cover Illustrations: Superior Craftsmanship on a Small Scale
Jacqueline Calder (v)

Of a Snuffbox, a Ship, and Sheep: A Tale of William Jarvis
Louis Arthur Norton (1)

"Women were among our primeval abolitionists": Women and Organized Antislavery in Vermont, 1834-1848
Marilyn S. Blackwell (13)

"My Soldier Boy Mark": The Civil War Letters of Pvt. Mark B. Slayton
Paul G. Zeller (45)

Book Reviews (63)

More About Vermont History
Compiled by Paul A. Carnahan (88)

Vol. 82, No. 2    |    Summer/Fall 2014

Cover Illustrations: Odyssey of an Early Manuscript
Paul Carnahan (v)

A Bitter Past: Hop Farming in Nineteenth-Century Vermont
Adam Krakowski (91)

Colleges, Communes & Co-ops in the 1970s: Their Contribution to Vermont's Organic Food Movement
Jacqueline Calder, Dan Chodorkoff, Jake Guest, Roz Payne, Roger Fox, Grace Gershuny, Jim Higgins, Liz Guest, Larry Kupperman (106)

George Peck and Mary Greene Nye: Correspondence on the State House Fire of 1857
Jack Zeilenga (143)

Book Reviews (149)

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