Judging Criteria

Vermont History Day judging form

At the Vermont History Day State Contest, you will meet with a team of judges who will evaluate your project and interview you and your teammates, for group projects. You do not need to plan a formal presentation separate from your project. Use these practice questions to prepare for the interview. As the judges evaluate your project, they will be looking for Historical Quality (80%) and Clarity of Presentation (20%).

Judges will provide written feedback, which you will receive after the contest, using these forms (updated 2022):

Documentary Evaluation Form (pdf)
Exhibit Evaluation Form (pdf)
Paper Evaluation Form (pdf)
Performance Evaluation Form (pdf)
Website Evaluation Form (pdf)

If you qualify for the National History Day contest, you can use the feedback to change and improve your project and correct any rules violations.

Read the National History Day Rule Book (pages 37-38) for additional information.

If you have any more questions, contact education@vermonthistory.org 

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