Vermont Census Records 2000s

1830 Census Form

The United States Census Bureau website has scanned copies of the published results of the census from 1790 through 2010. For ease of access to the records for Vermont, excerpts for the state counts are available as pdf files below. Each decade includes the composite records for the state and a sample from an individual town.

Vermont in 2000 (PDF 2.3 MB)

Vermont in 2010 (PDF 5.9 MB)

Compare current population figures for all Vermont towns.

Ideas for Census Record Lessons

Print the bar graphs and use the town census records to graph the changes in population over time. What events influenced the changes in population? How does your town graph compare to graphs from other towns?

Analyze Vermont's total population. In which decades did Vermont's total population decrease? What was happening in the United States in these decades that might have contributed to the decline in population? In which decade did Vermont's population grow by the greatest amount? What events contributed to this growth?

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