Military Recruiting Photographs, 1944-1951

This collection consists of ten file folders of photographs of military recruiting efforts belonging to Francis Edward Abbey (1944-1951) as he performed his work in northern Vermont and New Hampshire during the period 1944 to 1951. The recruiting effort was aided by non-military organizations such as the Masons as evidenced by many group photographs in various settings such as club rooms and hotels. Many, but not most, of the locations and people in the photographs are identified. Army Day parades were organized with extensive window displays and recruiting teams worked many fairs around the area. There were many interviews for broadcasts by several radio stations. Several photographs depict induction ceremonies and the awarding of citations.

This collection can be cited as "Francis Edward Abbey Military Recruiting Photographs, 1944-1951" (FB-84).  The photographs in this collection have not been scanned and cannot be viewed online.


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