Emergence of Modern Vermont 1927-Today

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Nancy Price Graff, The Strength of the Hills: A Portrait of a Family Farm
(Boston, MA: Little Brown and Co., 1989). This biographical story portrays life on a small family farm in Vermont by describing a single day in the hard-working but prideful existence of its owners.
Reading level: middle school
Number of copies available: 1

Scott Hastings, Up in the Morning Early: Vermont Farm Families in the Thirties
(Hanover, NH: University Press of New England, 1992). This is a wonderful piece of oral history. It is a great source for learning about Vermont's rural heritage through first-hand accounts.
Reading level: fourth - eighth grade
Number of copies available: 1

Natalie Kinsey-Warnock, As Long as There Are Mountains
(New York: Puffin Books, 1997)  Thirteen-year old Iris wants to stay on her family's dairy farm in the 1950s. Can she do so after their barn burns and her father is injured?
Reading level: fourth - eighth grade
Number of copies available: 9

Gregory Sharrow, Many Cultures One People: A Multicultural Handbook about Vermont for Teachers
(Middlebury, VT: Vermont Folklife Center, 1992). This is an extremely useful resource, with each chapter focusing on a specific group of ethnic Vermonters. This book is crucial in helping students appreciate diversity within Vermont and hopefully, by extension, diversity in the United States.
Reading level: high school - adult
Number of copies available: 1

Gregory Sharrow and Michael Sacca, producers, The Abenaki of Vermont: A Living Culture
(Middlebury, VT: The Vermont Folklife Center, 2002). This video portrays the Abenaki culture today, as expressed by several individuals and families. They speak of the importance of honoring their ancestors, elders, and children, as well as the value of being connected to the land. It includes a teacher's guide of activities and additional resources. Running time: 28 minutes.
Level: middle school - adult
Number of copies available: 1 DVD with teacher's guide

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