Edwin Horton Letters

Horton was drafted into Co. C of the 4th Vermont Regiment and was later arrested in Rutland, apparently for being absent without leave. He spent some time in a military prison at Boston Harbor, Long Island, where he was mistreated by the prisoners, and sent on a prison ship to Virginia. He corresponded regularly with his wife, as did her brothers. Horton was wounded and spent time in a hospital in Washington. He considered desertion to the Confederates because they treated the common soldier better, but did not do it, and was promoted to corporal. On May 5, 1864, he was wounded at Wilderness, VA. He was mustered out of the service on July 13, 1865. He died of bronchial pneumonia on December 12, 1926, and was buried in Horton Cemetery at Chittenden, Vermont.

This selection of letters was written by Edwin Horton of Chittenden, VT, and his wife, Ellen. These letters are in the collection of the Vermont Historical Society (MSS-21#016).


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