Archaeology Alive Kit Teacher's Guide

Archaeology Alive! Vermont's History from the Ground Up Teacher's Guide (2001)

Chapter 1: Archaeology Alive Introduction
Chapter 2: Archaeology 101
Chapter 3: History Under Their Feet
Chapter 4: A Rich and Ancient Heritage (link to video with a brief glitch at beginning)
Chapter 5: If Pennies Could Talk
Chapter 6: Rot or Not
Chapter 7: First In, Last Out
Chapter 8: Big Square, Little Square
Chapter 9: What is a Tool?
Chapter 10: Cultural History Mystery
Chapter 11: Excavating Vermont Game
Chapter 12: Squares Everywhere
Chapter 13: Shrink the Axe
Chapter 14: Body Ritual of the Nacirema
Chapter 15: Discussion Questions and Glossary

Additional Resources:

Powerful History: The Archaeology of Native People in the Champlain Lowlands
Fort Odanak, 1704-1759 (Quebec)
Vermont Archaeological Society Educational Resources


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