The Vermont Historical Society is committed to being the statewide leader in publishing about Vermont history. To that end, the Society publishes a scholarly journal, Vermont History, and occasional books. Books published by the VHS can be ordered from the online store or purchased at the Vermont History Museum in Montpelier. A limited selection of books is also available at the Book Nook at the Vermont History Center in Barre.

Book proposals

The Society will consider any book proposal or manuscript that addresses a significant topic in Vermont history. VHS is interested in publishing books for a general audience as well as books written for specific audiences, including students and scholars. VHS is also interested in the possibilities of electronic, web-based publishing. For more information or to submit a book proposal or manuscript, please contact:

Alan Berolzheimer
Publishing Program Director
(802) 649-2857

Vermont History journal

Our journal, Vermont History, is sent to members and subscribers and can be read online on this website six months after publication.

For submission guidelines, and to read articles in Vermont History, please click here.

Newest title from the Vermont Historical Society: Secrets of Mount Philo

Secrets of Mount Philo: A Guide to the History of Vermont's First State Park
by Judy Chaves

SecretsMountPhilo Cover front smMount Philo State Park is Vermont’s oldest state park, and one of its most popular. What many don’t realize is that the mountain’s history is every bit as remarkable as its natural beauty: It is the landscape history of Vermont (and much of the Northeast) in miniature.

Secrets of Mount Philo guides you to more than 30 historic sites in the park, detailing what’s there and placing it within the context of the park’s, state’s, and region’s landscape history. An essential guide to throw in your backpack whether you’re new to the park or know it like the back of your hand. Surprises (and fun) lie in store!

Purchase the book online, at our museum stores in Montpelier or Barre, or at select booksellers in Vermont.

Recent Title: Seven Years of Grace

Seven Years of Grace: The Inspired Mission of Achsa W. Sprague by Sara Rath

SevenYearsFinalCoverLatestSpiritualism, trances, love affairs!

Our first historical novel! Seven Years of Grace is a dramatized account of Achsa W. Sprague (1827–1862), who lectured for seven years on Spiritualism, the abolition of slavery, women’s rights, and prison reform. Grounded in the extensive collection of Sprague’s papers at the Vermont Historical Society, this fascinating tale includes trances, the brush of angel wings, and the love Achsa felt for a married man. You can purchase the book here or call our bookstore coordinator at (802) 828-1414.

Recent title: Moses Robinson and the Founding of Vermont

Moses Robinson and the Founding of Vermont by Robert A. Mello

Robinson front Cover webIn this full-length biography, Superior Court judge, Robert A. Mello restores Moses Robinson to his rightful place ac one of the most significan figures in the founding of Vermont. This book invokes new thoughts about Vermont's complicated beginnings.

You can purchase the book here or call our bookstore coordinator at (802) 828-1414.

Recent title: The Problem of Slavery

The Problem of Slavery in Early Vermont, 1777-1810, by Harvey Amani Whitfield

The Vermont Historical Society dares to ask: Did the 1777 Vermont Constitution really end slavery in Vermont?

Vermonters have always been proud that their state was the first to outlaw slavery in its constitution—but is that what really happened? We will publish a new book by Harvey Amani Whitfield that forces us to squarely consider the deepest questions about what freedom actually meant for African Americans in Vermont well into the nineteenth century.

The Problem of Slavery in Early Vermont, 1777-1810 will be enlightening to Vermont teachers and students, scholars of the early national and antebellum periods of U.S. history, and anyone interested in the history of Vermont. 

You can purchase the book here or call our bookstore coordinator at (802) 828-1414.

Recent title: Uncommon Law

Uncommon Law, Ancient Roads, and Other Ruminations on Vermont Legal History, by Paul S. Gillies

UncommonLawFrontCoverWebDuring the early years, Vermonters had to chart their own course in matters of law. The 25 essays collected in this book examine the foundations of legal thought in Vermont—historical issues ranging from log drives to the keeping of sheep to blue laws, the state's legal luminaries, and contemporary issues including ancient roads and Act 250. Vermont attorney Paul Gillies has captured them all in this fascinating book.

You can purchase the book here or call our bookstore coordinator at (802) 828-1414.