Exhibit: A Stitch In Time

A New American Globe: James Wilson of Vermont

We all know the phrase “History repeats itself.” We hear it applied to politics, wars, and large social movements, but what about the small things?

In our new rotating exhibit, A Stitch in Time, the Vermont Historical Society will explore how your fashion choices today are informed by the fashions of history. Each rotation will feature two historical garments from the collection and one modern garment, showing that there's really no such thing as a new, original trend—all modern fashions are inspired and informed by history.

This exhibit will feature four different rotations over the course of coming year: the first rotation examined the new trend of luxury loungewear—at-home comfort clothes that are also seen as status symbols. Has the pandemic and working from home ruined couture, or is this just another rotation of the fashion history wheel?

The second rotation features the evolution of ski boots and equipment, and is currently on display. 

On view through June 2024

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