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VHS periodically offers special opportunities to support specific projects or events at an individual or institutional level. See below for current opportunities, or contact Tori Hart at 802-479-8516 or for more information.

Vermont History Day

Vermont History Day is an exciting education program that encourages students to develop research and critical thinking skills through project-based learning and the study of history. It also provides students the opportunity to share their projects at the annual state contest held each spring.  Click here for support opportunities.

VHS Wish List

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The Vermont Historical Society occassionally publishes books and other scholarship on a wide variety of Vermont history topics. Current opportunities to support include:

The Law of the Hills, A History of the Vermont Judicial Branch
By Paul Gillies

The faces and personalities of the 134 men and women who served on the Vermont Supreme Court as well as those serving numerous lower courts have been somewhat overlooked by history – until now.  Following up on his successful and well-received book, Uncommon Law, attorney and historian Paul Gillie’s The Law of the Hills:  A History of the Vermont Judicial Branch, details the evolution of Vermont’s judicial system while depicting the colorful people who administered justice under it.  It’s a well-written and quite unique general history of the Vermont court system, chronicling its birth and development form the earliest settlement to present.  There has been precious little written about Vermont courts before now, other than some biographical sketches, often drawn from eulogies.  The story begins with the branch’s tempestuous early days, when Ethan Allen roared at judges and mobs took over the courts; when judges learned their craft on the job, with scarce resources beyond their own intellect and experience.  The book includes images of most of the supreme court judges.

The Vermont Historical Society has agreed to publish this important work, but we need your help in realizing this goal.  We appreciate your support, any amount, but with your donation of $1,000 or more, you will be recognized in the book (Dec. 20 deadline) and provided a year-long Vermont Historical Society membership, which includes receiving our bi-yearly scholarly journal, Vermont History.

The Vermont Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  Tax ID #03-0179602.