We are excited to announce a forthcoming book by Paul Searls (author of Two Vermonts: Geography and Identity, 1865-1910)!

Vermont was established in 1777 as a place that would reconcile the most fundamental contradictions of the human experience – the place where, as the state’s motto promised, the competing attractions of freedom and unity would be reconciled. But the challenges and conundrums of bringing that to life led to conflict, taking on new dimensions and heightened complexity after 1900. All Vermonters wanted to preserve those things they saw as best about life in the state. The question of what and how to preserve, and what and how to embrace, was the challenge around which the state’s twentieth-century history revolved. In this, his newest work, Paul Searls uses two distinct but interrelated stories to illustrate the joy and tragedy, success and failure, commonality and differences behind the paradoxical nature of the state.

The Vermont Historical Society has agreed to publish this important work, but we need your help in realizing this goal. We appreciate your support, in any amount, but with your donation of $1,000 or more, you will be recognized in the book and provided a year-long Vermont Historical Society membership, which includes receiving our bi-yearly scholarly journal, Vermont History.

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