You can discover Vermont's rich history as it relates to civil rights, diversity, the abolitionist movement and other social issues in the annual VHS program commemorating the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. All are welcome.  You can find information on upcoming events on our calendar

Previous programs

  • 2018: Still They Persisted: Immigrant & Community Solidarity in the 1912 Bread & Roses Strike with Robert Forrant
  • 2017: Screening & Community Conversation: Vermont Speaks for Itself, social justice in the 1970s and its legacy today
  • 2016: Finding Home: Vermont's Historic and Growing Diversity
    Gregory Sharrow
  • 2015: Liberty's First Crisis
    Charles Slack
  • 2014: The Problem of Slavery
    Harvey Amani Whitfield
  • 2013: Journey's End: Destination of a Dream
    Jane Beck
  • 2012: Discovering Black Vermont: African American Farmers in Hinesburgh 1790-1890
    Elise Guyette
  • 2011: Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program
    Gaandi, Somalia; Htar Htar Yu, Burma; Pierre Mujomba, Democratic Republic of Congo
  • 2010: No Irish Need Apply: Attitudes toward Irish Immigrants in Nineteenth-Century Vermont
    Vincent Feeney
  • 2009: Brothers and Sisters in Selma: Vermont Catholic Activism in the Civil Right Movement
    Saint Michael's College Students
  • 2008:An Evening Conversation with Margaret Lucenti (History of the Vermont Human Rights Commission)
    Margaret Lucenti
  • 2007: Vermont in Mississippi Project
    Claire Parkinson, Paul & Sonya Hackel, Tyler Resch
  • 2006: Africans in Early Vermont: The Story of Jeffrey Brace
    Kari Winter
  • 2005: Vermont Activists in the Civil Rights Movement: Recollections and Reflections
    Paij Wadley-Bailey, Irving Adler, Liz Blum
  • 2004: Remembering the Struggle
    Chet Briggs, Stephen Green, Penny Patch
  • 2003: In Celebration of the Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Gretchen Sullivan Soren
  • 2001: In the Shadows of the Statue of Liberty: Hidden Aspects of American History
    Richard Hathaway
  • 2000: A Quiet Presence: Celebrating Franco-Americans in Vermont
    Kim Chase, Michele & Fabio Choiniere
  • 1999: William Clarence Matthews, A Baseball Pioneer
    Karl Lindholm
  • 1998: Film: "A Stranger in the Kingdom."
    Jay Craven
  • 1997: Racism in Vermont: A Microcosm of the United States
    James Loewen
  • 1996: Melissa Fay Greene, author of "Praying for Sheetrock"
    Melissa Fay Greene
  • 1995: Highlander, Martin Luther King Jr., and Promises to Keep
    James Sessions
  • 1994: Let Us March On!
    Ernest C. Withers
  • 1993: Beyond the Crossroads: Martin Luther King, Jr., and the American Dilemma
    James Ralph
  • 1992: Breaking Barriers: A Celebration of the U.S. Bill of Rights Bicentennial
    Carl T. Rowan
  • 1990: Film: "Martin Luther King, Jr.: Doubts and Certainties."
  • 1989: Vermont-New York Youth Project
    Madeleine Kunin, Philip Hoff, Karen Lane
    Films: "The First Step" and "We Are Not Afraid"
  • 1988: A Program on Civil Rights in Vermont
    Madeleine Kunin, Philip Hoff, Members of the Vt. Advisory Committee of the United States Civil Rights Commission
  • 1987: Sanctuary in Vermont
    Melinda Lee
  • 1986: Program to Honor Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Edward Fitzsimons, Francis K. Brooks, Philip Hoff, Madeleine Kunin