BYTpodcastLogoSquare100617Before Your Time is presented by the Vermont Historical Society and the Vermont Humanities Council, and edited and distributed by VTDigger. Every episode, we go inside the collections at VHS to look at an object that tells us something unique about our state. Then, we take a closer look at the people, the events, or the ideas that surround each artifact.

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Episode 1 (Nov. 2017): Vermont's Great Flood

Episode 2 (Dec. 2017): A Green Mountain Mixtape

Episode 3 (Jan. 2018): Selling Vermont

Episode 4 (Feb. 2018): Communes and Commerce 

Episode 5 (April 2018): The Land of Gin & Whiskey

Episode 6 (May 2018): Knitters, Weavers, & "Women's Work"

Episode 7 (June 2018): More Than Books

Episode 8 (July 2018): Talk About Weather

Episode 9 (August 2018): Mobility for the Masses

Episode 10 (October 2018): Tales Behind the Tombstones

Episode 11 (November 2018): Coming Home from the Great War

Episode 12 (December 2018): Anything for Speed

Episode 13 (January 2019: Built to Last

Episode 14 (March 2019):  The Power of the Press

Episode 15 (May 2019): Herbs & Remedies