Lucy Mallary Bugbee

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1940 to Today

Notable Facts

Pioneer in Vermont wild flower conservation; saved both the Stoddard Swamp in Peacham (now called the Lucy Mallary Bugbee Wild Flower Sanctuary and Natural Area)and the Victory Bog Basin from destruction. Was a charter member of the Vermont Natural Resources Council. Also known for taking over 400 photos of Vermont flora and nature.

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Historical Significance

Lucy Mallary Bugbee was a pioneer in Vermont conservation. She worked to preserve bogs, wildflowers, and ferns in Vermont. She grew up in Massachusettes, graduating in 1908 from Mount Holyoke College, where she went to school along with her three sisters. She was a teacher in Massachusettes, and published a book for junior high school students entitled, "Exploratory and General Language". She married Lloyd Bugbee and lived in Connecticut before retiring in Vermont.

Bugbee became interested in Vermont ecology and nature. She was the chair of conservation for the Federation of Women's Clubs for a decade. She kept a large garden and wildflower trail. Bugby frequently gave lectures on Vermont wild flora. Throughout her life, she took over 400 nature photographs which are available at the State Library in Montpelier, the Fairbanks Museum, and at schools throughout the state.

Lucy Bugbee is best known for her conservation work. She saved the Stoddard Swamp in Peacham from destruction during the building of Interstate 91. When the New England Wild Flower Society gave the land to the state, the area was renamed, the "Lucy Mallary Bugbee Wild Flower Sanctuary and Natural Area". The New England Wild Flower Society honored Bugbee in 1968 with a conservation award.

Bugbee continued to do conservation work, also saving the Victory Bog Basin in Essex County, VT from being destroyed by new dams. This 1500 acre forest and wetlands area has been designated as an Important Bird Area by the Audubon Society, and is also home to rare native plant species.

Organizations or Movements

  • New England Wild Flower Society
  • Federation of Women's Clubs


  • Conservationist
  • Photographer
  • Teacher
  • Writer


  • Mount Holyoke College, 1908

Additional Information (Bibliography)

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