Vol. 86, No. 1    |    Winter/Spring 2018

About the Cover Illustrations: Rev. Olof C. Johnson Photographs
Paul A. Carnahan (v)

French Canadian Immigration to Vermont and New England (1840-1930)
Leslie Choquette (1)

Postscript: Andrew Harris at the University of Vermont
Kevin Thornton (9)

William Hale, Railroad Surveyor: His Life, His Work
Gerald B. Fox and Jean Ballantyne (20)

Spiritualism in Brattleboro, 1886-1889: One Man's Contact with the Afterlife through Letters 
Jerry Carbone (31)

Book Reviews (46)

More About Vermont History
Compiled by Paul A. Carnahan (64) 


Vol. 86, No. 2    |    Summer/Fall 2018