Vol. 84, No. 1    |    Winter/Spring 2016

About the Cover Illustrations: Stylish and Rare Vermont Furniture
Jacqueline Calder (v)

About this Issue: Revisting Local History
Michael Sherman, editor (vi)

"We're going where?": Experiential Learning and the Landscape of History in Vermont
Susan Ouellette (1)

The Power and Pedagogy of Place: St. Johnsbury Academy's Freshman Humanities Capstone
Denise Scavitto (9)

Experiencing History Where It Happened: Living History and re-enactment as Public History Tools
Daniel P. O'Neil (26)

Ira, Vermont: Early Years of Family and Town
Charles Fish (34)

Local History and the Vermont Borderlands
Jacqueline B. Carr (70)

Book Reviews (93)

More About Vermont History
Compiled by Paul A. Carnahan (112) 

Vol. 84, No. 2    |    Summer/Fall 2016

About the Cover Illustrations: Tarbell Family Papers
Paul Carnahan (v)

About this Issue
Michael Sherman, editor (vii)

The Construction and Dismantling of Fort Pointe-à-la-Chevelure (Chimney Point, West Addison, Vermont), 1731-1736
Joseph-André Senécal (115)

Wilson Bentley and the Northern Lights
Gary Parker (140)

The Power of Erasure: Reflections on Civil War, Race, and Growing Up White in Vermont
Elise A. Guyette (154)

Book Reviews (172)

More About Vermont History
Compiled by Paul A. Carnahan (207)