Camp Grffen, October 13, 1861

Absent frend i resved your leter from you and robe and was glad to her that you and the rest what is left was wel & i think hie time that we was looking out for our one solds welfar time is but short at the longes we ar serten time is like a thef whith come in the nit when we think not i hurd that Edwin darling was ded and burnham ded to Carles emry gut a leter whitch tole us the nus but may god be with the widows and the widlis by the hand of god helping me sa is shel won day out rid the storms of Aflicton and land our sold on the other side of Jorden and land our wery solds home to rest whar ther will be not deth ther whar we shel have it all Pes and harmony ther it stands our in hand to be redy for deth at eny time for in such an our you think not the sun of man comith to distroy the erth this is about the mater tel Daniel and John folks that i ame wel and hope thay be tel nancy rit and i will i hould like to have her rit tel Plumers folks that I send my best love to them and the of rest of theme round ther tel pages folkes that the boy is all wel now tel elin that rake hay with her i cant rit much mor now derect your leter to Washington D C Camp Griffin thurd vermont vorlenters melshe this from your frend Wm Scott to Peter Welch