13th Vermont Infantry, Co. D

From the collections of the Vermont Historical Society (MSA 371:14)[Transcription by Robert Murphy, May 2005]

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William P. Calvert was born in England in 1837. He enlisted in Colchester, Vermont in Company D, Thirteenth Vermont Infantry Regiment, on September 1, 1862 and mustered in on October 10, 1862. He mustered out on July 21, 1863 and married Emerette Tubbs on August 16, 1863 in Colchester. He died July 29, 1876 in Essex, Vermont.


Camp Vermont

Sunday Eav Nov 23 1862

Absent friend Eliza

It is with pleasure that I take my pen to write a few lines to you to let you know that I am well and hope that these few lines will find you the same the boys are all in good spirits thare was one of the boys buried to day he belonged to company F his name I do not know but he has got through fiting at present we had a perty solon time the boys all felt bad how does all the folks get along up thare I supose the plase has changed since we left at least it aught to for I think when I left that you could perty still [times] give my best respects to all inquiring friends you may show this to John for I shall write to both of you tell him to set down next Sunday night and you and he write me a good long letter for I would like to hear from you both I have not had one for more than a week and I thought I would write to you and see how long you would keep it before you would answer it I have now news but you must have some and I want you to write it all and as much more as you are at mind to I supose you are not maried yet at least I hope not for I would like to be up thare when you are and we would have a time ile bet I rote to Sarah the other day I supose she will get it before you get this we are in the same plase yet and I think that we will stay hear this winter we have to work all the time now and then [cant] do much I heard that you[r] folks [had] some of thare corn out yet has the snow all gone it is summer hear none as warm as summer the wind is in the north to day and it is rather cold and I think we will have a frost hear to we have had some heavy rain last week have you been down to the folks latly how is all the folks do I should like to be up to your house to night we would have a good time tell John to write soon give my love to him no more this time so good by from a friend

Direct to W.P. Calvert Co. D 13th Reg. Vt. Vol. Washington D.C.

William P. Calvert

Co. D 13th Reg.

Vt. Vol.

Washington D.C.

Care of Capt. Munson