The following is a collection of eight Civil War letters sent by William Hogan to his son, Thomas, in the Forest Dale section of Brandon, Vermont, 1862-1865. The collection also includes one letter sent to Hogan by his friend, David W. Clarke, of Addison, Vermont.

These letters are unusual in that Hogan, although a Vermonter, was not serving in a Vermont unit. He served in Company H of the 2nd Delaware Infantry. He enlisted November 6, 1861; was captured at Petersburg, Va., June 16, 1864; was released from Andersonville Prison April 28, 1865; returned to his unit; and was mustered out May 31, 1865. After the war he and his family moved to New York state.

Photograph: William HoganThese letters are in the collection of the Vermont Historical Society (MSA 268).