Head qrs 4th Brigade
Nov 16th 63

Dear Son

I received your letter some time ago, and am very glad to hear that you are well. I would have written sooner but we have been on the move nearly all the time and therefore did not get time before this evening. We are expecting to move again every day, but have not got the order to go yet. We have had several succesful battles on the Rappahannock and expect to have more before long. Yesterday there was canonading not far off and we were invited to attend but we were not needed and I am very thankful that we did not have to go, for I am getting almost too old to march as the army has to march. I have been with the wagon train on all the last marches and did not get into the shelling scrape that the Regt was in while making Coffee at Auburn Va. We are just about two miles from the Rappahannock River on the South side near Kelly's Ford. There is nothing to be had except what what the Government furnishes. the sutlers are left behind and cannot get to us for fear of old Mossby. there is such a scarcity of tobaco in the army that the soldiers are compelled to give $3,00 per plug for it. Please write to Ann and tell her to write to me. I have not heard from her since last spring. let me know whather she is home yet or not. give her the proper Address so that her letters will get here safely. There was a great talk of the 2nd Delaware Regt. going home to Vote but I think the thing has all blown over. Every thing is getting along as smothely as could be expected under the circumstances. I am in very good health and have been for some time past.

I must wind up this short letter for it is getting late. give my respects to my mother, Brothers and sister

From your father
William Hogan

P.S. Answer promptly if you please. W. H.
[note: written on outside of letter: "Anna C Hogan"]