Hogan: November 12, 1862


Convalescent camp
Nov 12th, 1862,

Dr Son,

I have been sick for some time past from a wound I received in the shoulder at the battle at Molvern Hill but I am quite now. I am glad that you did not come soldiering for the life of a soldier is a very hard life. If I don't get my discharge I shall try hard for a furlough to come home this winter but I dont know I shall succeed. But I am going to try to get my discharge.

Give my best respects to mother and and sisters and Brothers.

Give my best respects to Thos. McKeon and let me know when he is

Yours &c.

Direct to Wm. Hogan Convalescent camp near Alexandria Va.

Wm. Hogan

Thos. Hogan.
[note: written on outside of letter: "Brandon"]