George W. Humphrey of Burke, Vermont, was born in 1842, and enlisted at Island Pond as a Private in Co. E, 15th Vermont Volunteers, on May 22, 1863. He married Hannah A. Hosford of East Haven, Vermont. After the war he operated some sawmills, one that was located at East Haven, about one mile from his house. He had nine children, four boys and five girls. One of the daughters lived in the town of Kirby, Vermont, and two others lived in California. The last few years of his life George Humphrey lived on a farm in Burke, Vermont, where he died in 1908. He was buried in the cemetery near East Burke village.

Miss Ellen M. Martin

East Burke Caledonia Co
Camp Near Union Mills
15Th Regiment Co. E, U.S.A

Friday May 22nd 1863

Friend Ellen,

It is with much pleasure that I take my pencil in hand to write a few lines to you in answer to your kind letter wich I recevied in due season and was glad to here from friends at home for I love to get a letter from Burke any where and I will answer the same with such pleasure

My health is good at present and I hope it will remain so as long as I stay in Verginnia I had the meassuls before Joseph had them and Obid and I are the only ones out of eight that have got over them so to do duty

Now Jhon Smith [John Smith,] Denson Coles [Dennison Corliss,] Charles Moultrant [Charles Moultroup,] Anson Eggleston [William A. Eggleston] all are in the hospital yet Anson and Charles are to Alexandria now in the hospital there All the rest of Burke boys are taught at present.

We moved from here down to Bealeton Station and was gone 10 days and then was ordered back here to Union Mills and I think we shall stay here till we go home but still I do not know we had a good time down there we was in 3 miles of the Raphannack river and we could here the cannon from Fredicburge and see the Rebil picket on the other side of the river

We are doing picket duty now here the wether is clear and hot we have some hotter days then I ever see in Vermont in haying I have wrote all the news at present so now for something else.

About them rings I have not got one if I had one I would send it but I have not got any and now can not make any I will send you a picture of a General that will do insted of a ring will it not.

You tell Abby that I got them shugar cakes that she sent me and I thank her for them tell her that Obid expects a letter from her every day and talks about it a good deal.

I have riten all the news so I must close for the present give my best respects to all enquiring friends write soon as conveneint on receving this and I will answer the same with pleasure this from you absent freind.

George W. Humphrey

Excuse all mistakes and bad writing for I rite all my letters with a pencil.