Thirty-two students represented Vermont at National History Day at the University of Maryland, College Park. After months of research, writing, editing, and creating, the students presented their papers, documentaries, exhibits, performances and websites to the judges. Close to 3,000 students from around the US and the world participated.

Congratulations to all the Vermont students! 

Junior & Senior documentaries

Sadie Kobak
Women's Suffrage and the Political Career of Edna Beard
Black River Middle School
Teacher: Suzette Cyr
**Chronicling America Historian**

Cassidy Berry & Charlie Flint
A Fatal Compromise: Scientists vs. Politicians
Crossett Brook Middle SchoolNFSC
Teacher: Lori Morse

Natasha Fortin
Frontier of Change: Nichelle Nichols' Conflict and Compromise Regarding her Role in Star Trek
Black River High SchoolECMMSH
Teacher: Suzette Cyr

Emma Comeau & Mackenzie Marcus
Religion Through LGBTQ
Champlain Valley Union High School
Teacher: Julia Beerworth

Junior & Senior websites

Jeswin AntonyJA
When the World Was Inches Away From M.A.D.: The Cuban Missile Crisis
Crossett Brook Middle School
Teacher: Lori Morse

Isaiah Woodward & Tanner Carpenter
The RMS Lusitania: A Poor Compromise that Led to the Intensification of the Great War
Lyndon Town School
Teacher: Tyler Willis

Jacob Sicard & Jude CoeJSJC
History of the NCAA Student Athlete
St. Paul's Catholic School
Teacher: Susan Guilmette

Kaziah Vaughn, Marcelline Dockham, & William Muzzy
Korean War: The Forgotten War 
Milton High School
Teacher: Gary Furlong

Junior & Senior exhibits

Greta FairbanksMedical
Conflict & Compromise: Nazi Medical Experiments
Black River Middle School
Teacher: Suzette Cyr

Samara Ashooh
Claudette Colvin: The Fight to Compromise
Shelburne Community School
Teachers: Meg O'Donnell & Wendy HallockColvin

Noah Samuelsen & Olin Duggan
A Murder in Sarajevo: The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria
Main Street Middle School
Teacher: Eli Rosenberg
***Winners of Best in Vermont, Junior Division***
**Chronicling America Historians**

Esme Kimber & Gabrielle Anzalone
Alexander Twilight: Driven or Defiant?
Teacher: Jennifer ManwellIDSH

Isaac Davies & Skyler Heininger
Russian Revolution of 1917
Champlain Valley Union High School
Teacher: Julia Beerworth

Langston Quail & Oisin HarringtonOHLQ
The Destructive Compromise: The Anglo-Irish Treaty of 1921
Long Trail School
Teacher: Tess Kahn
***Winners of Best in Vermont, Senior Division***

Junior & Senior performances

Abagail Hunter
Conflict in Salem: The Salem Witch Trials and the Mass Hysteria that Led to the Persecution of the Innocent
Poultney High School
Teacher: Keith Harrington

Ruth Dailey
Queen Victoria: A Reign Filled with Conflict and Compromise
Poultney High School
Teacher: Keith Harrington

Courtney Ezzo & Mckenzie EzzoBerlin
Mr. Gorbachev Tear Down That Wall: The Conflict and Compromise of the Berlin Wall
Poultney Elementary School
Teacher: Keith Harrington

Marina Rockwell
Tinker vs. Des Moines: A Supreme Court Story
St. Paul's Catholic School
Teacher: Susan Guilmette

Junior & Senior papers

Katie KelleyKK
The Green Mountain Parkway: Conflict and Compromise over the Future of Vermont
St. Paul's Catholic School
Teacher: Susan Guilmette

Nina Kellogg
The Women's Suffrage Movement: A Journey from Conflict to Compromise
Harwood Union Middle School
Teacher: Sarah Ibson

Alexander Thompson
The Battle of Tours and How it Shaped Europe's Future

Mount Anthony Union High School
Teacher: Rick Caswell

Having fun at National History Day!


Pin trading at the Welcome Ceremony. Photo by Raphael Talisman, official photographer for National History Day 2018.  More NHD photos. (Password NHD2018!)


Students from Harwood Union Middle School and Crossett Brook Middle School were the last ones to leave the field after the Welcome Ceremony!



Gabrielle Anzalone and Esme Kimber displayed their exhibit at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

 Senator Leahy met with the Vermont students at the Capitol Building.



Students from St. Paul's Catholic School walked all over Washington, DC!




Awards Ceremony

Leaving the dorm to head to the Awards Ceremony.

Cows and Vermonters on parade.



Congratulations to Juniors Noah Samuelsen & Olin Duggan and Seniors Lang Quail and Oisin Harrington for winning the Best of Vermont awards!



Keith Harrington from Poultney Elementary School and Suzette Cyr from Black River High School Middle School were recognized as the Vermont nominees for the James F. Harris Teacher Award.




Thanks to our sponsors for supporting this grand adventure:
George W. Mergens Foundation
Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation
Rotary Club of Montpelier