When doing your History Day project, make sure that you cover three important areas:

  1. Historical Quality
  2. Clarity of Presentation
  3. Adherence to Theme

The questions below are similar to the judging evaluation sheets:

Documentary Evaluation Sheet
Exhibit Evaluation Sheet
Paper Evaluation Sheet
Performance Evaluation Sheet
Website Evaluation Sheet

Historical quality

The most important aspect of an entry is its historical quality, which determines 60% of the total evaluation. The judge's evaluation should rest on the student's success in conducting historical research, interpreting that research, and then drawing conclusions. A superior ranking reflects positive responses to the following questions:

Relation to Theme

An entry must clearly explain the relation of the topic to the annual History Day theme. This section is worth 20% of the total evaluation. The topic should be placed in historical context, and the entry must demonstrate the student's understanding of the significance of the topics in history. The relationship of the entry's topic to the yearly theme should be explicit and should be integrated into the entry itself.

Clarity of Presentation

Although historical quality is most important, an entry must be presented in an effective manner. This section is worth 20% of the total evaluation. Keep in mind the following questions:

Consult the National History Day rule book for additional information.