In recent years, educators from the Vermont Historical Society, the Vermont Department of Education, and Poultney High School led the professional development workshop Old Documents, New Technology: Using Interactive Whiteboards to Teach with Primary Sources. Participants, including 41 teachers and librarians from all over Vermont, created lessons for use in their classrooms and to share with fellow educators.

Follow the links below to access the lessons on Promethean Planet and SMART Exchange. (Outside links - may require free registration to download lessons.)

Vermont & New Hampshire History

TitleFormatGrade LevelCreated By
Ku Klux Klan Poster Reveal SMART Middle & High School Victoria Hughes,
Vermont Historical Society
Vermont Flood of 1927 Promethean Elementary Nancy Bladyka,
Westminster Center School
Vermont and NH Town and River Names
with Abenaki Influence
SMART Elementary Michelle Bechanan,
Lyndon Town School
Child Labor in Vermont (Part 1)
Child Labor in Vermont (Part 2)
Child Labor in Vermont (Part 3)
SMART Elementary Brian Hurlbert,
St. Johnsbury School
Introduction to Primary Sources SMART Elementary Jill St. George,
Westford Elementary School
John & Lydia's Story Part 1: The Journey North SMART Elementary Marguerite Ames,
Marion Cross School
Child Labor in Vermont and Beyond; Counting on Grace Introduction SMART Elementary Melissa Parker,
Union Elementary School
Vermont's 1927 Flood SMART Elementary Joe White,
Founders Memorial School
Mapping Rivers and Mountains with Abenaki Names in Vermont and New Hampshire SMART Elementary Lorenda Dunham,
Bishop John A. Marshall School
There's More than One Way to View a Photograph SMART Elementary Julie Rapoport,
Bishop John A. Marshall School
Vermont and the Civil War SMART High School Mike Szewko,
Bellows Free Academy, St. Albans
Barre, Vermont - Then and Now; Montpelier, Vermont - Then and Now SMART all class projects

United States & World History and Geography

TitleFormatGrade LevelCreated By
Adventurous Women - Amelia Earhart and Her Predecessors SMART Elementary Heidi Webster,
Stockbridge Elementary School & Peacham Elementary School
Dr. Horatio Jackson's 1903 Cross Country Drive in a 1903 Winton Automobile SMART Elementary David Powell,
Founders Memorial School
The Parts of a Map SMART Elementary Hope Yeager,
Woodstock Elementary School
The Impact of Geography on Early Colonists' Jobs Promethean Elementary Mollie Dawson,
Barre Town Elementary School
Civil War SMART Elementary Faye Severy,
Rochester Elementary School
How to make primary source documents "talk" (Pony Express) SMART Elementary Jane DiSanto,
Shaftsbury Elementary School
Native Americans, An Educational Culture in Constant Change SMART Elementary Tim Ives,
State Street School
Analysis of Primary Sources and the American Revolution SMART Elementary Michael Rapoport,
Stowe Elementary School
Indian Boarding Schools SMART Middle School Gerry Whitaker,
Sutton School
The Dust Bowl, the Great Depression, and Out of the Dust SMART Middle School Sue Wade,
St. Albans City School
The Declaration of Independence: They Wrote a Rough Draft?!? SMART Middle School Patti Magoon,
Main Street Middle School
The Search for Justice in America SMART Middle School Chris Williams,
U-32 Middle School
The Journey West: National Expansion during the 1800s Easiteach Middle School Joe Carter
Readsboro Central School
Does the camera ever lie?
(Civil War photography)
SMART High School Kevin Nadzam,
Hazen Union High School
The Causes of World War I SMART High School Jim Price,
Colchester High School
American Labor Unions: Then and Now SMART High School Sara Howard,
Bellows Free Academy, St. Albans
Sports and Baseball in the 1920s: America's New Pastime SMART High School Angela Conrad-Schlager,
Hartford High School
Lincoln-Pericles Comparison SMART High School Larry Trombley,
Bellows Free Academy, St. Albans
(The History of) Safety Belts SMART High School Pamela Ricker,
Northfield High School

Literature & Art

TitleFormatGrade LevelCreated By
What is Fact? What is Fiction? Looking at Historical Fiction SMART Elementary Becky McCullough,
Braintree School & Washington Village School
Heart vs. Environment: Which has more influence? (Out of the Dust introduction) SMART Elementary Amy Downing,
Thomas Fleming School
Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution Easiteach High School Jeremy Hammond,
Colchester High School
Understanding Symbols and Mythology using Primary Sources SMART Middle School Kimberly Scott,
Main Street Middle School
Fiction and Reality in Fitzgerald's 1920s America SMART High School Jane Newschwander,
Arlington Memorial High School
Courage and To Kill a Mockingbird SMART High School Alex Gratton,
North Country Union High School

This professional development workshop was sponsored in part by the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Eastern Region Program, coordinated by Waynesburg University. Some of the interactive whiteboard lessons above are based on lessons available on the Library of Congress website.