(envelope) Mr Elijah S. Brown
Hammond Hospital Point Lookout
said to be dead

Sunday Feb 8th/ 63 Craftsbury Vermont

My own dear brother

Words cannont describe my gratitude when last Tuesday I learned that my dear soldier brother was yet in the land of the living - although very much grieved that you so poorly remain yet do sincerely hope that through dioirre(?) mercy and goodness you may ere long be restored to health. I suppose you want all the news? The article is very scarce in this vicinity - nothing of any importance going but if I could converse with you face to face can assure you I could find enough to keep my jaws wagging right merrily, O! my dear brother I think of you many yea very many times and long so much to see you cousin Moses wrote me that he saw you start for Providence RI and that you promised to write him immediately after reaching said place but he had heard not a word from you. I felt quite encouraged when I learned that you had come to 'Old New England" hoping that a change of climate might serve to revive you. But week after week went by and all my watching for a line (from you) had proved vain. I was unable to endure the suspence any longer. concequently - I wrote you a line and directed it such an errance(?) that I thought it quite possible you might receive it if you had remained in afore-said-place. on went the weeks and still no letter from you I can truly say that I was well nigh weary with watching. and not until last week did the long-looked-for missive arrive My dear brother "my joy knew no bounds" I thanked God in my innermost heart that you were yet spared. Who takes care of you? and do you have good care? and things to make you comfortable? O if I could but have the privilege of taking care of you myself how happy I should be but I cannot go to you. alas - the disadvantages that attend the children of poverty. I am lonesome as any old maid in Christendom this winter - not a bean to lay my jaws too. perhaps you did not know that the "Doctor" and I had dissolved partner-ship - well - we have - we fell out - yes right out ca-flop - (and I tell you) there was a considerable bluster about it too. but woe be to the man that attempts-to-deceive me - I would not trust him as far as "I could throw a dog by his tail" The brothers and sisters were well the last I heard from them. Who is the kind Friend that troubled himself to write for you. I hope you may be able to return the kindness in some way. My unbounded thanks to him Uncle's people all wished me to remember them with love to you the door-bell has just rung and Auntie informs me that there is company in the Parlor waiting to see me Hoping I may be able to hear from you again soon I am as ever your loving Siss My very best love and good wishes for your health and happiness Good-night

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