This teaching guide was originally intended for use prior to or following a visit to the Vermont Historical Society in which students have explored the exhibit Generation of Change: Vermont 1820-1850 which was on display at the Vermont Historical Society in Montpelier from April 1999-June 2001. Though this exhibit has since been replaced by the new permanent exhibit, Freedom and Unity: One Ideal Many Stories, this teaching guide remains a great way for students to explore Vermont history.

This guide, robust with information, explores the choices this generation of Vermonters made as they encountered change — changes in transportation, trade, religion, and politics — and how those choices influenced their families, work, and communities. Please use the list below to learn more about:

These materials may also be used as a curriculum supplement to a Vermont history unit. The teaching content, discussions, and activities in this packet have been designed to meet the following Vermont Social Studies and History Standards: 6.3 Being a Historian, 6.4 Historical Connection (Agricultural, Industrial, Social Transition Era (1791-1860), and 6.6 Primary Sources.