Abolition: The termination of slavery and the sale of the slaves in the United States

Distaff: A staff that holds on its cleft end the unspun flax or wool from which thread is drawn, in spinning by hand

Gubernatorial: Of or relating to the governor

Masonry: Freemasonry has a long tradition in western society, beginning in the Middle Ages, as a guild for masons. Over time, however, it became a fraternal society known for its benevolence and charitable giving. Many of America's most prominent citizens, including George Washington, were members. By the 1820s many people had become suspicious of the Masons because of their secret nature and apparently exclusive membership. Some saw it as an anti-democratic organization that undermined republican government and perpetuated the control of an elite.

Smelting: Tthe process of melting or fusing ore often with an accompanying chemical change in order to separate the metal

Spindle: Notched stick used for spinning fibers into thread by hand; a pin or rod holding a bobbin or spool upon which thread is wound on a spinning wheel

Suffrage: The right or priveledge of voting

Tariff: Taxes imposed by the government on imported or exported goods

Temperance: Total abstinence from alcohol