You can borrow a variety of teaching resources to bring Vermont history into the classroom.

History Lending Kits

History Lending Kits contain artifacts, maps, books, and teacher guides with lesson plans. Select from the following themes:

Lending Library

The Lending Library offers over 100 Vermont history books and videos for teachers and students. Resources include historical fiction, reference books, and materials for use in the classroom. The library has multiple copies of some of the books, including titles that are out of print.

Books in a Box

Books in a Box books are now available through the Lending Library. Multiple copies of the following chapter books are available for educators to borrow:

Aaron and the Green Mountain Boys (Era 2)
Ann Story: Vermont's Heroine of Independence (Era 2)
Cave of Falling Water (Era 1)
Green Mountain Hero (Era 2)
A Little Girl's Diary (Era 5)
Lumber Camp Library (Era 5)
The Night the Bells Rang (Era 5)

Vermont History timeline

The Vermont History Timeline provides Vermont educators with a comprehensive overview of Vermont’s rich and unique history.

For further information or to reserve materials:

All materials can be picked up at the Vermont Historical Society or shipped to schools or home schools. For further information or to borrow materials for your classroom, please contact Victoria Hughes at or (802) 828-1413.