Through objects, letters, art, and music, this kit helps students comprehend the impact of the Civil War on nearly every person in the state of Vermont. Documents and reference books in the kit also introduce students to using primary sources for historical inquiry so that they can explore Civil War topics in their communities. The kit has been created jointly through the Vermont Historical Society and the Flow of History, a U.S. Department of Education Teaching American History grant.

 Soldier's haversack, Civil War kitDownload the complete teacher’s guide for the kit (4.3 mb pdf). The kit also includes a background essay (1.9 mb pdf) on developments leading to the Civil War and the role that Vermonters played, by well-known author and Civil War expert Howard Coffin.

The kit provides a hands-on complement to a Civil War unit. It has three major goals:

The kit includes:

In each of the sections of the Teacher's Guide, "Classroom Connections" support the inquiry process in studying history. These are drawn directly from Grade Level Expectations for Vermont's Framework of Standards and Learning Opportunities.

In each of the "Classroom Connections" there are suggestions for how students might communicate their findings.

All kits are available for a three-week lending period for a fee of $60.00 (round-trip shipping), $45.00 (one-way shipping) or $30.00 (you pick up at VHS). For more information see History Kits.