Kindergarteners and fourth graders from Weathersfield elementary school worked with the Weathersfield Historical Society and local artist Lisa Curry Mair on a mural about the history of school consolidation in Weathersfield.  Each student in Ginger Wimberg's fourth grade class was assigned to research the one-room schoolhouse that they would have attended prior to consolidation. The Weathersfield Historical Society provided students with images of the schoolhouses and, when possible, interviews with older residents who had attended these schools.

Once students had completed their research on the different schoolhouses, they began sketching out ideas for the mural about the history of schools in Weathersfield.  Local artist Lisa Curry Mair took the students' ideas and designed a full-scale mural.  Students then helped Ms. Mair with the actual painting of the mural. The mural hangs in the newly consolidated school, which opened in fall of 2008.

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