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Virtual Speaker Series: A New Force at Sea: George Dewey

Virtual Speaker Series

The Battle of Manila Bay – the first battle of the Spanish-American War was one of the most complete military victories in United States history. Commodore George Dewey, the leader of the American squadron that defeated the Spanish fleet, instantly became the most famous American in the world and the embodiment of the new naval power of the country at the dawn of the 20th century. Dewey’s upbringing in Montpelier, VT and his post-war celebrity offer notable bookends to a celebrated life. David A. Smith, author of the recently published A New Force at Sea: George Dewey and the Rise of the American Navy will explore just some of Dewey’s many accomplishments and the impact he had on Naval and Vermont history.

David A. Smith is a senior lecturer in American history at Baylor University. He received his undergraduate degree in U.S. history from Texas State University and his PhD from the University of Missouri. He has written books on American military, cultural, and political history. He is an avid public speaker and hosts a weekly show on art, culture, and history on KWBU-FM in Waco. He lives with his family in Woodway, Texas.

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