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History for Homeschoolers - Harvest Time: Food and Farms in Vermont

Celebrate fall (and get ready for winter) by focusing on the long history of harvesting and food preparation in Vermont.

Saturday Museum Program: Fiber-Dyeing Using Natural Materials

As the chill of November settles over Vermont, we warmly invite you to join us for an educational and engaging hands-on afternoon with Justin Squizzero from the Burroughs Garret in Newbury, Vermont. Justin creates handspun, naturally-dyed, hand-woven textiles using methods and equipment from the 18th and 19th century. In this workshop, participants will learn the basics of natural dyeing using plants, minerals, and insects. Participants will take home samples of dyed textiles.

History for Homeschoolers - Hunting Season: Food and Furs in Vermont

Explore the hunting traditions of people from different time periods and learn about the animals they hunted for food and furs.

History for Homeschoolers - Cold and Dark: Wintertime in Vermont

It's cold outside! Come inside and participate in traditional indoor activities that took place during the long Vermont winters.

History for Homeschoolers - Let It Snow: Winter Fun in Vermont

Learn about the history of skiing, sledding and other favorite outdoor winter activities enjoyed by Vermonters and tourists.

History for Homeschoolers - Celebrations: Holidays in Vermont

Examine ways Vermonters have celebrated holidays, like Valentine's Day and other community events, throughout the years.

History for Homeschoolers - Sweet Season: Sugaring in Vermont

Learn about maple sugar and syrup production, marketing and related inventions and traditions.

History for Homeschoolers - Shearing Time: Sheep in Vermont

Explore the sheep "boom" and the importance of sheep and wool in Vermont's history.

History for Homeschoolers - Rainy Days: Water in Vermont

Learn about the highs and lows of water in Vermont, from natural resource to natural disasters.

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