At-Home History for Homeschoolers

During the 2020-21 school year, we offered the option of At-Home History for Homeschoolers. New participants can still access the class materials from that year. Each lesson has a lesson plan and student materials for two activities which can be done at home. This is a sample of one of the student activity booklets from the Preserving Vermont History class.

Cost is $45.00 for access to all nine lessons, or $35.00 for members of the Vermont Historical Society. OR select individual classes at $6.00 per lesson or $5.00 for members of VHS.

The activities are recommended for children ages 7 to 12. Materials will be shared through a Google Drive. All activities include PDFs to print or access online.

Link To Registration Form

Or contact or (802) 828-1413.

We will send the link to the Google Drive on September 1 and afterwards as new registrations are received.

Class themes and topics:

  • Preserving Vermont History: Learn how the museum preserves and celebrates Vermont history. Activity 1 - Saving Pandemic History; Activity 2 - Mystery Artifacts
  • Vermont’s Original Inhabitants: Explore the Abenaki wigwam and learn about Abenaki traditions past and present. Activity 1 - Explore the Abenaki Wigwam; Activity 2 - Flag Activity
  • The 14th State: Investigate the history of Vermont’s settlement and how it became a state. Activity 1 - Yorkers and New Hampshire Grants; Activity 2 - Vermont's Important Historical Documents
  • Farms & Stores: Travel back to the early 1800s to learn about Vermont’s economy. Activity 1 - Census Records; Activity 2 - General Stores
  • Tracks across the Land: Discover how railroads and the Civil War changed Vermont in the mid-1800s. Activity 1 - Railroads and Telegraphs; Activity 2 - Civil War Care Packages and Letters
  • Made in Vermont: Find out about important Vermont industries from the late 1800s. Activity 1 - Butter & Dairy; Activity 2 - Libraries for Vermont Towns
  • Travel & Tourism in Vermont: Learn about leisure activities in the early 1900s. Activity 1 - Stories from Photographs; Activity 2 - Tourism Posters
  • Parkway & Patriotism: Learn how Vermonters reacted to the Great Depression and World War II. Activity 1 - Green Mountain Parkway Debate; Activity 2 - World War II Propaganda and Music
  • Back to the Land: Explore how decisions to protect and preserve the landscape have affected Vermont. Activity 1 - Billboard Ban and Act 250; Activity 2 - Tropical Storm Irene

You can sign up for access to the materials anytime during the year.

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