At-Home History for Homeschoolers

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are introducing the option of At-Home History for Homeschoolers. Once a month, we will send links to lesson plans and student materials for two activities which can be done at home. (Check out a sample activity from spring 2020.)

Cost is $6.00 per month, or $5.00 per month for members of the Vermont Historical Society.

The activities are recommended for children ages 7 to 12. Materials will be shared through a Google Drive. Some activities will include PDFs to print.

We recognize that situations might change during the course of the year. We are suggesting that families pay by month, rather than pre-paying for the classes, to offer flexibility for both participants and the museum staff. However, you may select to pay by semester or for the whole year in advance.

To register, use this link: or contact Victoria Hughes at or (802) 828-1413.

We will confirm all subscriptions as soon as possible. Materials will be sent by the following dates:

  • Preserving Vermont History - September 11, 2020: Learn how the museum preserves and celebrates Vermont history. ***Link emailed to participants on 9/10/20.***
  • Vermont’s Original Inhabitants - October 9, 2020: Explore the Abenaki wigwam and learn about Abenaki traditions past and present. ***Link emailed to participants on 10/9/20.***
  • The 14th State - November 13, 2020: Investigate the history of Vermont’s settlement and how it became a state. ***Link emailed to participants on 11/13/20.***
  • Farms & Stores - December 11, 2020: Travel back to the early 1800s to learn about Vermont’s economy. ***Link emailed to participants on 12/10 and 12/11/20.***
  • Tracks across the Land - January 15, 2021: Discover how railroads and the Civil War changed Vermont in the mid-1800s. ***Link emailed to participants on 1/15/21.***
  • Made in Vermont - February 12, 2021: Find out about important Vermont industries from the late 1800s. ***Link emailed to participants on 2/12/21.***
  • Travel & Tourism in Vermont - March 12, 2021: Learn about leisure activities in the early 1900s. ***Link emailed to participants on 3/12/21.***
  • Parkway & Patriotism - April 9, 2021: Learn how Vermonters reacted to the Great Depression and World War II. ***Link emailed to participants on 4/9/21. Let us know if you didn't receive the email.***
  • Back to the Land - May 14, 2021: Explore how decisions to protect and preserve the landscape have affected Vermont. ***Link emailed to participants on 5/14/21. Let us know if you didn't receive the email.***

You can also sign up for classes throughout the year and we will send links for previous sessions.

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