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Well-known for her written works which include ten children's books and articles for Vermont magazines. Helped found the family's business, the "Tyler Place Family Resort." Property was acquired in 1933 and business is still flourishing today.

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Hildreth Tyler Wriston attended the University of Vermont where she was a member of the Mortar Board senior honors society. She later became a writer, publishing ten children's books. Some of these include, "Andy and the Red Canoe", "Camping Down at Highgate", "Putt-putt Skipper", "Hill Farm", "Show Lamb", and "The Oom-pah Horn". She also wrote for magazines like Vermont Life. Her overall collection, which includes her drafts and notes, provide an excellent source on Vermont history. One other significant contribution Wriston made to Vermont is the "Tyler Place Family Resort." Wriston, and her husband John Wriston, along with her brother Edward J. Tyler and his wife Judy, acquired the property in 1933. They were among the earliest trailblazers in the family travel industry. As both Judy and Hildreth had experience in writing and editing children's books, they developed "creative age-staggering programs" with the concept of an all-inclusive family vacation where parents would be able to have private time.


  • Writer of children's books
  • Business co-owner


  • B.A. University of Vermont, Burlington, VT, (1921).

Additional Information (Bibliography)

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Sister-in-law Judy Tyler at the family resort
Sister-in-law Judy Tyler at the family resort
Women swimming at the resort
Women swimming at the resort