Elsie Camp Wells

Brigham Academy
Brigham Academy

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Taught at Brigham Academy. Worked for her husband and the local community doing clerk work and committee work. Most famous for her storytelling of folk tales and oral history. Wrote her stories to paper for the Bicentennial Year Project, publishing "Bakersfield, Vermont- The Way It Was, The Way It Is" in 1975.

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In 1913, Elsie Camp Wells moved to Bakersfield, Vermont after graduating from Boston University. She began teaching at Brigham Academy.

She married met Arthur Wells and they had three children. She helped her husband doing postal clerk duties. She contributed to local committee work, starting a local library and participated in many church activities.

She is most famous for her storytelling skills. She shared folk tales and retold oral history. Many of her stories were shared from her husband and his family. Wells also recorded these as printed information on Methodist Church history, history of local postal service, and local committee efforts as well as "Houses in Bakersfield Village".

Her work can be found in the Bicentennial Year project (1975) titled "Bakersfield, Vermont- The Way It Was, The Way It Is". It includes both tall tales and facts of the town's. It includes a section of historic pictures, several maps from Gazetteers, and a chronology of the town's events.


  • Writer
  • Teacher
  • Postal Clerk Assistant
  • Founder of a local library
  • Storyteller


  • Boston University graduate

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