Phyllis W. Page Weinrich

Weinrich, Phyllis

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1940 to Today

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One of three women in her law class at Boston University; 27th woman admitted to Vermont Bar; Received Masters Degree in Latin from UVM

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Phyllis Page Weinrich was born in Burlington, VT in 1927. Her father, Guy Page, Sr., and her grandfather, Joel W. Page, practiced law in Burlington. Weinrich graduated from the University of Vermont in 1948. She went on to Boston University Law School and graduated in 1951 (along with her brother, Guy Page, Jr.) That same year she became the 27th woman admitted to the Vermont Bar. There were only two other women in her class, and she was the only one who got a job right after graduating, which was at her grandfather's law firm.

While practicing law, Phyllis Weinrich helped her father on the U.S. Supreme Court case, Bernhardt v. Polygraphic Company of America, Inc., 350 U.S. 198 (1956). This case played a part in the development of the Erie Doctrine. The Erie Doctrine stems from the decision in Erie Railroad Co. v. Tompkins, 304 U.S. 64 (1938). The Doctrine deals with federal court jurisdiction, stating that when the federal courts rule in cases based on diversity jurisdiction, they must apply state substantive common law.

She practiced at the firm for a few years, but then left and stopped practicing law. She went back to UVM and received a Master's in Latin. After leaving the practice, she also taught foreign languages and music. She married Francis Weinrich, a music professor at UVM.

Today, Phyllis Weinrich spends summers in Waterville, VT and winters in Edenton, N.C.

Thanks to John Page, Phyliss Weinrich's nephew, for all his contributions to this research.

Organizations or Movements

  • Vermont Bar


  • lawyer
  • foreign language teacher
  • music teacher


  • Boston University School of Law, Boston, MA (1948)
  • M.A. Latin- University of Vermont, Burlington, VT

Additional Information (Bibliography)

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