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Mari Tomasi
Mari Tomasi

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Journalist and author who highlighted the life of Italian immigrants in Vermont and all of New England.

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Mari Tomasi was a prominent Vermont writer and journalist. Tomasi was born in Montpelier, Vermont on January 30, 1907. Her parents were Italian immigrants from Turin, in northern Italy. Tomasi's original goal in college was to study medicine. She attended both Wheaton and Trinity College and discovered her passion was for writing and not medicine.

After college, she wrote for magazines and newspapers, eventually becoming city editor of the Montpelier Evening Argus. She also was a member of the Vermont Federal Writers' Project, where she and Roaldus Richmond collected interviews of various people in Barre, Vermont. They interviewed them about what their lives were like during the Depression. This collection of interviews entitled "Men Against Granite" was delayed in publishing until 2004. She wrote her first book in 1940, it was entitled "Deep Grow the Roots". It won one of the ten outstanding first novels for that year. Due to the success of her first novel, Tomasi won the Breadloaf Writers' Conference Fellowship in 1941. In her second novel, "Like Lesser Gods," published in 1949, Tomasi wrote about the hardship Italian granite workers faced in Barre, Vermont. Much of her writing concerned the situation of Italian immigrants in New England and in particular Italian immigrants in Vermont.

As well as writing these books and being a journalist through out World War II, Tomasi also became involved in government. She edited 3 volumes of "Vermont, Its Government". She also served one term as a Representative in the Vermont House of Representatives. Tomasi was appointed as a repersentative in December 22, 1949 to take over for Fred Gleason who had died. Her term ended on January 5, 1951.

Tomasi died on November 10, 1965 after a bountiful career as a writer, journalist and government official She dedicated herself to telling the story of Italian immigrants across New England and especially in Vermont.

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  • Member of the Vermont Federal Writers' Project


  • City Editor of the Montpelier Evening Argus.Representative
  • Vermont House of Representatives (one term)
  • Writer


  • BA, Trinity College, Burlington, Vermont

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