Alice Perham

Perham, Alice

Time Period

1940 to Today

Subject Categories

Arts, Business

Notable Facts

Photographer whose work ranged from informal portraits to rural scenery. Played both the piano and violin. A collection of over 500 postcards made from her photos is at the Vermont Historical Society library in Barre, VT.

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Historical Significance

Alice Perham came from one of the original families that settled Athens, VT. An artist and a musician, she played the violin and piano while taking many photographs of her surroundings. She loved to photograph people, places, and animals. She housed boarders at her home in Cambridgeport and she also ran a gift shop out of her home, selling her photographs as postcards. There are over 500 post cards of her photographs kept in the Alice Perham Collection, at the Vermont Historical Society library in Barre, VT. Most of the post cards are unidentified portraits of individuals at work in or near their homes in Rockingham and Athens.


  • Photographer
  • artist
  • musician
  • boarding house and gift shop owner

Additional Information (Bibliography)

  • "Alice Perham Collection"