Grace Stuart Orcutt

"Who is Grace Stuart Orcutt", Grace Stuart Orcutt Library, St. Johnsbury Academy.

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Education, Writers

Notable Facts

Promoted education throughout the St. Johnsbury area. The Grace Stuart Orcutt Library at St. Johnsbury Academy in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, is named in her honor.

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St. Johnsbury



Historical Significance

Grace Stuart Orcutt graduated from St. Johnsbury Academy in 1898. She taught secondary school in the St. Johnsbury area throughout her life. She was also a typesetter and proofreader. She married Elbert Orcutt in 1901. After this, she began to write and publish poetry that often incorporated Vermont themes. In 1962, Grace Orcutt passed away. Her husband, Elbert Orcutt, who served on the St. Johnsbury Academy Board of Trustees from 1961-1969, dedicated the Grace Stuart Orcutt Library at the St. Johnsbury Academy to his late wife.

Organizations or Movements

  • St. Johnsbury Schools


  • Gradeschool teacher
  • typesetter
  • proofreader
  • poet


  • St. Johnsbury Academy, St. Johnsbury, Vermont

Additional Information (Bibliography)

  • "Who is Grace Stuart Orcutt?" Link