Mariafranca Morselli

Mariafranca Morselli
Mariafranca Morselli

Time Period

1940 to Today

Notable Facts

Director of the Maple Research Center and professor of botany at the University of Vermont. Advocate for gender equity and the education through out her life. Voted "Vermont's Most Exciting Woman" in 1985 and inducted into International Maple Hall of Fame in 1991. Also selected as Vermont Maple Person of the Year in 1987.

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Historical Significance

Mariafranca Morselli was born in Milan, Italy. She received a PhD in Biology and Natural Resources in 1946 from a university in Italy and married her husband, Mario Morselli. They moved to the United States in 1956 where Morselli worked as a researcher at the Bronx Botanical Garden. In 1964, they moved to Vermont, where Morselli joined the maple research team and taught at the University of Vermont. She eventually became the Director of the Maple Research Center and Emerita Professor of Botany at UVM.

In 1991 she became the first woman inducted into the International Maple Hall of Fame. She was also named "Vermont Maple Person of the Year" in 1987.

Morselli was an active advocate for education and gender equity throughout her life. She participated in many organizations that work for social equality and justice.

She found a place in Vermonters' hearts, not only because of her hard work in many fields and her love for maples and the maple industry, but also because of her personality. In 1985, she was voted "Vermont's Most Exciting Woman."

Two awards are now given by UVM in Morselli's name. One is given to a student who excels in Italian Studies. The other is given to a woman majoring in a scientific discipline who actively contributes to campus awareness surrounding women's issues.

Organizations or Movements

  • Affirmative Action Council
  • Vermont Developmental Disabilities Council
  • UVM Center for Developmental Disabilities
  • Advisory Council of the Governor's Commission on Women
  • Church Street Center Board
  • American Association of University Women
  • Educational Foundation Regional (1979-1980) and International (1988-) Fellowships Awards Committees.


  • Botanical and Maple Researcher
  • Botany Professor


  • Doctoral Degree in Biology and Natural Resources

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