Rose E. Michaels Morrissey

Morrissey, Rose

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Sixteenth woman admitted to Vermont Bar. Served as Justice of the Peace in Bennington, Vermont; President of the Bennington County Bar Association.

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Historical Significance

Rose Morrissey was born in Bennington, Vermont. She became a secretary at the Law Offices of Edward H. Holden.

Morrissey read the law and in 1935 became the sixteenth woman admitted to the Vermont Bar.

Rose Morrissey opened a law office which primarily focused on probate and real estate law. She also served as a Justice of the Peace, was on the Bennington Housing Authority, and was President of the Bennington County Bar.

Organizations or Movements

  • Vermont Bar
  • Bennington County Bar


  • Secretary
  • Lawyer
  • Justice of the Peace
  • President of Bennington County Bar.


  • High School

Additional Information (Bibliography)

  • "Celebrating Vermont's First 100 Woman Lawyers" Link