Doris Morning Dove Minckler

Doris ?Morning Dove? Minckler. Courtesy of the Abenaki Nation
Doris ?Morning Dove? Minckler. Courtesy of the Abenaki Nation

Time Period

1940 to Today

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Notable Facts

Well known healer and visionary within and outside of the Abenaki community. Name was placed on the Elder Wall at the Smithsonian Institution.

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Native American

Historical Significance

Doris Morning Dove Minckler was a widely respected elder, visionary, and medicinal person of the Abenaki nation. Through the teachings of her grandmother, she embraced the Abenaki way of life, particularly as a healer. She eventually became the grandmother to the community for more than twenty years. Her home was always filled with Abenaki people and members of the Vermont community. She opened her doors to anyone that needed help sorting out their life, their health, or if they just needed a caring person willing to listen. Minckler did consulting work with the State of Vermont. The anthropological community used her skills in determining whether objects were burial goods and how they should be treated. Minckler is remembered locally by the Abenaki people every year in a small ceremony coordinated by her family. She protected and preserved Abenaki ways of life during a crucial period in the history for the Abenaki peoples of Vermont.


  • Consultant for the State of Vermont
  • Grandmother to the Abenaki Restaurant worker
  • Nursing home worker
  • Spiritual Medicine/Laying of Hands

Additional Information (Bibliography)

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