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Early Settler, Medicine

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Early settler in Richmond, Vermont. Took role as head of the family when her husband went to war. Served others with her skills, compassion, and courage. Helped nurses and midwives in her community.

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Mary Rogers Miller, her husband Hugh, and other members of her family arrived to Richford, Vermont as early settlers from Bradford, Vermont in 1795. They started farming near the Missisquoi River. As Hugh fought in the colonial wars, Miller's role shifted to head of their large family. She helped serve others with her skills, compassion, and courage. She helped nurses and midwives all year long. At time she snowshoed long distances through the forest or crossed raging streams at night to help others in need.

In Richford's early years, Mary's family quickly grew to include all the families of the early settlers in the area. Her skills, compassion, and courage served the people well in their times of sickness and privation. She would respond without hesitation to every call for a nurse or a midwife, summer and winter, night or day, often snowshoeing long distances through the trackless forest. She was known to cross raging streams at night to nurse and console families in times of need.

During the first decade of Richford's frontier life, it was in the Miller cabin that the affairs of the fledgling town were debated and acted upon.


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