Florence Agnes Mead

Trinity Episcopal Church in Rutland, Vermont
Trinity Episcopal Church in Rutland, Vermont

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Arts, Education

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Organist and piano teacher to pupils of all ages throughout Vermont.

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Proctor Union Church



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Florence Agnes Mead was an organist and piano teacher for pupils of all ages throughout Vermont.

Florence Mead was the daughter of Will and Agnes Brown Mead. She was a descendant of Zebulon Mead, who built a farm in what is now Proctor, Vermont, around the time of the American Revolution. Mead contracted spinal meningitis as a young girl, and lost her baby brother to the disease. Unable to attend school because of the effects of her illness, she was educated at home by teachers who boarded with her family. Eventually she attended and graduated from Proctor High School, having already exhibited an early love of music and piano. She continued her education at Dana's Musical Institute in Warren, Ohio, specializing in the piano and the organ. After graduating, Mead returned home, where she began teaching her own pupils, a practice she continued long into old age.

Mead served as the organist for the First Baptist Church in Rutland from 1919 to 1934 and was also organist at Trinity Episcopal Church in Rutland for five years. She was a member of the Proctor Union Church, where she played the organ for services. During this period, she also studied with Dr. Tertius Noble, a renown organist in New York City. She was a member of the Zonta Club, the National Guild of Piano Teachers, and the State Association of Music Teachers.

Mead was known widely for her great love of music and her ability to nurture gifted pupils, who practiced regularly on the two pianos in her studio at the back of the Mead homestead in Proctor. In 1931 she married Arthur Mead.

Organizations or Movements

  • Zonta Club
  • National Guild of Piano Teachers
  • State Association of Music Teachers


  • Organist for First Baptist Church in Rutland, Vermont
  • Trinity Episcopal Church in Rutland, Vermont
  • and Proctor Union Church
  • Piano Teacher


  • Proctor High School
  • Dana's Musical Institute, Warren, Ohio.

Additional Information (Bibliography)

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