Martha (Grandma) Lampman

Maquam Wildlife Refuge
Maquam Wildlife Refuge

Time Period

Pre 1750

Notable Facts

Member of the Abenaki Tribe. Had knowledge of tribal customs and medical herbs. Practiced natural medicine on her native land.

Personal Information

Primary Residence



Native American

Historical Significance

Martha (Grandma) Lampman was an Abenaki woman who was well known for her knowledge of tribal customs and medical herbs.

In 1991, Abenaki community members organized to save an area in Swanton where Grandma Lampman had lived. It was owned by a developer who had plans for building houses on the land, so the group got the area designated as an official Wildlife Refuge. Maquam Wildlife Refuge also includes sacred burial sites. A plague serves as a marker of the location where Lampman's house once stood.

Organizations or Movements

  • Abenaki Tribe


  • Settler
  • Natural medicine

Additional Information (Bibliography)

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